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kyle chapple

Kyle Chapple

is a voice actor living in Los Angeles. Booking his first gig in 2004, he took the leap to becoming a full-time voice actor in 2014. He is currently a member of SAG-AFTRA and signed with CESD.

With over 15 years of experience, he regularly books:

Animation, ADR, Character, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, Educational/E-Learning, Promotional, Voice Matching, and Video Game projects.

If you set ‘em up, Kyle will knock ‘em down, professionally and promptly.

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    Voice Over Artist

      Without a great voice to narrate, a great script becomes just another pile of words. This is where voice-over actors come to the rescue. Professional voice-over artists give life to every word. Their voice skills modulate the pitch, depth, bass, and emotions in their voice. It helps to fascinate and capture the interest of the target audience. The success of every script depends on the voice-over artist’s ability and skill, and we know how to make this happen.  

    About Us  

      It isn’t easy to find someone to help you with voice-overs for your company presentations, business videos, e-teach material, films, or other aspects of life in today’s competitive world.    Are you looking for a male voice to help you with voice-overs for your presentations or YouTube videos? Not able to find a performer whose voice can thoroughly entertain, narrate, or market products for commercials, animation, audiobooks, video games, and educational content?   Well, look no more! Kyle Chapple is here to help. Kyle Chapple is an experienced award-winning male voice-over artist. He is a famous African American voice artist from Los Angeles. Kyle booked his first job in 2004 and became a full-time voice-over actor in 2014. He is also a member of SAG-AFTRA and has signed up with CESD.    Kyle Chapple has captivated his audience with his versatile voice-over skills for over 15 years. It is now our responsibility to ensure that you get what you want.  

    What can you expect from us?

      We want to bring out an audio or video projects’ true meaning and intention and reach the maximum number of consumers. And as a professional and experienced voice-over artist, we assure you of the following essential things.  
    1. Versatility
    Versatility is a crucial aspect of professional voice-over actors who must cover many different styles, accents, and techniques. Any appealing audio must be vocally booming. And we promise to meet your expectations to reach the maximum possible audience.   
    1. Consistency
    Consistent volume, pace, and energy are necessary to ensure the smooth flow of your video or audio projects. Consistency is important, not only to the voice but also to a response and turnaround time.   
    1. Clarity
    A clear and flexible voice is challenging to find, and different projects have different requirements. A clear voice helps in conveying the message appropriately to the audience. Good voice modulation is vital to ensure clear pronunciation of all words to reach the target audience as expected. And only a good and experienced voice-over artist has the knack for it.  
    1. Articulate naturally
    Along with voice clarity and clear pronunciation, the voice-over artist must deliver the sentences flawlessly and avoid filler words like “umm,” “aah,” and so on, unless the script requires the use of such fillers. We are well aware of this and can take care of it.  
    1. Enunciation
    We have extensive experience speaking and handling the sounds or words that are under-articulated, slurred, or blended. We ensure perfect pronunciation of the complex words and maintain it without distorting the emotions behind the words.  
    1. Good Pacing
    A voice-over artist must neither be too slow to bore the audience nor so fast that the audience can not keep up and understand. Being aware of this, we adapt to the rhythm and maintain a deliberate and natural pace.   
    1. Vocal range
    The vocal range is the difference between the lowest and highest notes that a voice-over artist can sustain. We can provide the best vocal range to suit multiple characters in a script.   
    1. Experience
    We provide you with more than 15 years of voice-over experience in various audio and video platforms.   

    What do we offer:

    • Animation
    • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)
    • Character
    • Commercial 
    • Corporate
    • Documentary
    • Education/ E-learning
    • Movie trailers
    • Online videos
    • Promotional 
    • Podcast 
    • Telephone
    • Voice matching
    • Video game pr
    • ojects  

    Our client list: 

      We have been serving our clients with prompt and professional voice-over services. Our prestigious clients include:     
    • AT&T
    • Google  
    • Game stop
    • Buffalo wild wings 
    • Black Panther 
    • Star Wars
    • Honda
    • This is Us
    • Lowe’s
    • Walt Disney
    • MTN Dew
    • JBL
    • Lexus
    • Valvoline 
    • And many more 
      Why should you consider us when hiring a male voice-over artist? We believe in meeting our customers’ demands while adapting to their needs. We try our best to match their expectations and make it easier for them to hire us. We can assure you that we’ll provide you with the best audio, no matter what! One needs to be realistic and choose a voice-over artist within their budget, but we keep ourselves flexible to meet your requirements.   How can we help you meet your needs and expectations of voice-over? Once we receive the script from your creative team, we provide the best professional voice-over service with the minimum response time. Each voice-over will be script centric and audience-specific. We ensure the following:   

    Guaranteed voice-over quality 

    We guarantee the best voice quality. The quality of our service will be consistent throughout our association with you. Once you post your job, we will offer a demo session to you before hiring our voice-over services.   

    Your wish is our command 

    We give utmost priority to meeting the deadlines. Your projects will reach your target audience per your expected turnaround time with our simple hiring process.   

    Professional, prompt, and quality with complete budget control

    You need not worry about spending a fortune to hire a voice-over artist. We tailor our services to meet your requirements. You can specify your budget before the demo session.    We provide our services with one goal in mind, complete satisfaction of our clients.    With years of experience, Kyle Chapple can contort, bend and twist his voice to suit various characters and scripts. His charismatic voice piques the interest and curiosity of the audience or consumer. Kyle Chapple will help you add another dimension to your scripts and projects.    Frequently Asked Questions:  
    1. Who is a professional voice-over actor/ artist?
    A professional voice-over actor is a trained person who lends their voice modulating skills according to the client’s script or character requirements to capture the attention of the customers or audience.  
    1. Why should I engage or hire a professional voice-over artist
    The project’s success entirely depends on how the audience or consumers perceive it. Hiring a professional voice-over artist brings stability, better quality, and voice consistency to the performance. So, a trained professional voice-over artist will be able to convey the true meaning and emotions to the audience in the most appealing way.  
    1. What should I look for while engaging or hiring a professional voice-over actor?
        Some of the significant qualities to look for in a professional voice-over actor would be: 
    1. Voice modulation according to the script’s requirements and the target audience or customers.  
    2. If the voice artist can put life and emotions into the words rather than narrate the script. 
    3. If they have a personal recording studio. 
    4. The ability of the voice-over artist to capture the audience’s interests for long periods. 
    5. The use of the right pace, tone, and pitch according to the age of the audience or customers.  
    6. Ability to tingle and manipulate the primary emotions of the audience. 
    1. Should I hire multiple voice-over artists for various characters in the script?
    It is not required. A single voice-over actor may be able to voice numerous characters. Some scripts might need multiple voice-over artists, but the voice-over artist can help you decide.    Our voice over characteristics:  Languages used: English (North American).    Accents available:  Canadian, Caribbean, Caribbean (Jamaican Patois), Italian, North American, Spanish, U.S. African American, U.S. General American (GenAm), U.S. New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn), U.S. South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta), U.S. West Coast (California, Portland), West African    We provide voice-over services for the following age categories:  Senior (55+), Middle Aged (35-54), Young Adult (18-35), Teen (13-17).
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