Best Audiobook Narrator of 2022

Introduction of Best Audiobook Narrator

Your best novel + Our best audiobook narrator = mesmerized listeners.

Audiobooks are also known as talking books. As the name suggests, it is an audio recording of a book or a novel being read aloud or narrated by a voice over artist. As kids, we all have enjoyed listening to our family, friends, or teachers reading our stories. Imagine enjoying your favorite books with a similar experience as an adult. These audiobooks can be easily listened to anywhere and anytime just by downloading onto portable listening devices like smartphones and tablets.

Audiobooks have come as a boon to avid readers. In the present day monotonous and busy lifestyle, audiobooks help to experience the joy of reading a book simultaneously. Unlike traditional books, audiobooks help listeners multitask while enjoying their favorite books. Multiple audiobooks can be downloaded onto smartphones or tablets and hence have made it very popular among commuters and travelers who enjoy reading anytime or anywhere. Kyle Chapple, the best audiobook narrator with a deep voice, has over 15 years of voice-over experience.

There has been a steep increase in audiobook sales during 2015 and 2016, and this is due to the audiobooks’ convenience and the captivating voice of the audiobook narrators. According to APA (Association of American Publishers), the sales of audiobooks in the first three months of 2017 have risen by 28.8%. Along with an interesting script, the narrator’s voice plays a crucial role in deciding the success and popularity of the audiobook.

Audiobooks need not be only stories or novels. The audiobook categories are biography & memoir, business and finance, fiction, literature, kids, mystery and suspense, thriller, non-fiction, romance, science fiction, and fantasy.

The development of technology and the ability to upgrade the storage capacity of portable devices like smartphones and tablets have positively impacted the subscriptions and downloads of audiobooks. The popularity of audiobooks has placed immense pressure on writers and novelists to convert their written content into audiobooks. This has given rise to another important aspect of audiobooks: a narrator with the appropriate voice clarity, pace, pronunciation, articulation, and rhythm to create the best experience for the listeners.

Only a skilled, trained and experienced narrator can bring out the real meaning and emotions of the characters in a novel. They have to be consistent with the narration from the beginning till the end of the novel. Audiobook narrators require a different skill set compared to other voice-over actors. Hence, an actor with specialized skills and training in dubbing or character voice-overs would be the right choice to narrate your audiobooks. Every experienced and best voice over actor need not necessarily be skilled enough to be the best audiobook narrator.

Kyle Chapple brings the necessary skills, training, and experience to deliver exceptional audiobook narration to make your content popular among listeners and engage them successfully. His deep and mesmerizing voice invites the listeners into the story and takes them along for a ride of realistic experience.

Why should you consider Kyle Chapple, the best audiobook narrator of all time?

  1. Professional and skilled audiobook narrator with a deep voice: If you are looking for a professional and best audiobook narrator, you have come to the right place. Kyle Chapple is one of the popular audiobook narrators with the skill and experience required for long-form narration that would leave the listeners longing for more.
  2. Quick turnaround time: We guarantee a quick turnaround time without compromising the audio quality. Let us know your deadlines while hiring us, and your audiobooks will be ready for publishing without any delay.
  3. Broadcast-quality audiobook narration: opt for our customized auditions to assist you in choosing the right style of voice-over for your audiobook. Kyle Chapple is a popular audiobook narrator with broadcast-quality vocal sound for your audiobooks.
  4. Customer support is our priority: We strive to provide the best customer support to make sure your experience with us is free of all hindrances, with one project at a time. We guarantee the best possible support at all times during our association.

Is it required to hire multiple narrators for different accents?

Not anymore! You can choose from a wide range of English accents to suit the characters in your book or novel to reach a wide array of listeners.

US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta), US West Coast (California, Portland), West African, Canadian, Caribbean, Caribbean (Jamaican Patois), Italian, North American, Spanish, US African American, US General American (GenAm), US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn),

What are the types of audiobook narration?

  1.   Fully voiced reading: the narrator uses a distinct voice for every character in the script.
  2.   Partially voiced reading: Only one main character will be given a distinct voice.
  3.   Unvoiced reading: The narrator does not modulate his voice according to the characters. The complete book is just read in the same voice throughout.
  4.   Solo narration: This involves a single narrator completing the entire narration.
  5.   Dual narration: This involves more than one narrator to present a different point of view.
  6.   Duet narration: Multiple audiobook narrators are involved in voicing each character.
  7.   Full cast narration: An entire cast of narrators, along with sounds of animals, weather, vehicles, and so on, are also included to enhance the listeners’ experience.

How can you hire the best audiobook narrator?

Your search for the best audiobook narrator of all time comes to an end with just four simple steps:

  1. Get free auditions: Send us your script or content and receive free auditions from our best audiobook narrator along with the quotation.
  2. Review quotes and auditions: Once you are satisfied with the auditions and the quotation, you may choose the best style that would be suitable for your audiobook.
  3. You hire, we deliver: Hire our best audiobook narrator by mentioning your final requirements. Your project will be completed and delivered as per your deadlines.
  4. Download the audio files and remuneration: Completed audiobooks can be downloaded within the turnaround time. You can scrutinize the audio files and process the payment once you are completely satisfied with our narration.

Additional work and support related to audiobook narration will always be accommodated even after the project is completed, with extra remuneration.

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