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Commercial Voice Over Service

Voice-over, the concept that rules the present competitive commercial and the corporate world, requires a voice over artist who is versatile and flexible to meet your needs.

A popular name in the world of voice-over, Kyle Chapple comes with more than 15 years of voice-over experience and can offer quality service in the following fields:

1. Animation

Animation is not just about stunning visuals. Commercial voice over actors bring the script to life by adding a new dimension. The right voice-over plays a crucial role in captivating the audience’s interest. It could be a cartoon, a TV advertisement, an e-learning module, or any other animation, but the success of all these projects depends on the skill of the voice-over artist.

With growing technology, the need for commercial voice-overs is steadily increasing. We provide commercial voice-over service for all of your animation projects.

2. Audiobooks

An audiobook is a recording of a book read aloud. It can be recorded on a CD or made available on the internet. The convenience of audiobooks has made them very popular among avid readers and has put a lot of pressure on writers and publishers to convert their books into audiobooks. A good writer doesn’t need to be good at narrating their book. This is where voice over artists come in. The voice-over artist describes the book in a way that would suit the genre. They help convey the book’s feelings and emotions to the readers.

We guarantee the best audiobooks for your stories and novels with our commercial voice-over services.

3. Automated Dialogue Replacement

ADR is a process where the voice-over artist re-records the existing audio in a quiet environment. Automated Dialogue Replacement aims to improve the audio quality or change the original dialogue.

Production sets are often noisy, making it impossible to get the desired quality of dialogues for the project. However, commercial voice-over service gives you the freedom to edit and improve audio quality during post-production in a studio with a quiet environment.

4. Corporate

The corporate world is continuously changing, requiring a lot of corporate training programs and modules. Corporate training requires uninterrupted dedication and concentration from the trainees to get maximum benefits from the training. A suitable training module with a captivating voice is the secret to a successful training session. A professional voice over artist will be able to get the right rhythm and pace to keep the training programs dynamic and exciting.

Our commercial voice-over services will meet your corporate requirements.

5. Documentary

A documentary is a film or a radio program involving facts from actual events. Documentaries educate and inform viewers by presenting the facts about a place, person, event, invention, etc. The presentation of the documentary can often determine its success. A voice-over artist helps narrate the script in a balanced and structured form to capture viewers. The narrator is an inseparable part of a documentary film.

There are different styles of documentaries, such as poetic documentary, expository documentary, observational documentary, participatory documentary, reflexive documentary, and performance documentary.

We offer voice-over services to cover all your documentary narration requirements.

6. Education/ E-learning

Knowledge is useless if not transferred to the right people at the right time in the right way. It could be the best educational videos or e-learning modules, but the right voice will go a long way to keep the interest and attention of the audience for a longer duration. Voice over artists have the required skill to narrate the e-learning modules and educational materials to suit the language and age of the viewers.

We provide services for educational narration for the following:
Audio Instructions for tests
Providing instructions in an e-learning program
Narrating the chapters of books
Many more as required

7. Movie trailers

Movie trailers are short clips used to promote a film. These trailers help to arouse the curiosity of the audience. Filmmakers and production houses depend on movie trailers to draw the audience’s attention.

With growing competition in the movie industry, movie trailers can often determine the success of a movie, which means the right voice-over is crucial for movie marketing. Whether it is a romance, comedy, action, animated, or any other movie genre, we provide voice-over services to meet all your needs to make a captivating movie trailer.

8. Online videos

We help hire the best voice for all of your online videos. With the increasing accessibility to technology and the internet, online advertisements, promotional videos, and much more have become the need of the hour. Online content reaches people faster than other platforms. Hence the right voice plays a crucial role in targeting the right audience. Our commercial voice-over service can help illuminate your online content’s true meaning.

9. Podcast

A podcast is a theme or topic-based audio or video recording that users can choose to download on their mobile devices based on their area of interest. Along with a good subject matter or topic, a podcast needs a trained and experienced host to speak at the right volume, pace, fluency, rhythm, pronunciation, and articulation to make the podcast interesting and engaging. These things help keep the audience attuned to your podcast and increase your subscriptions and followers.

There are four main styles of podcasting

  • Nonfiction narrative storytelling
  • Interviews and panel discussions
  • Hybrid podcast
  • Podcast with repurposed content

We provide the best voice for your podcast, no matter your style

10. Telephone

Have you ever been placed on hold while trying to call a customer care representative and forced to listen to terrible music? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant to listen to a friendly message while on hold? Commercial voice-over artists can record greetings or messages in Interactive Voice Response (IVR), on-hold messages, and voicemail greetings.

These messages are a series of voice-over messages played in a loop. They help in providing standard information that would be helpful to callers. Interactive Voice Responses are the voice messages that support the callers choose the correct option from the menu to speak to the right person. Commercial Voicemail greetings are the recorded messages that a customer hears when a call goes unanswered.

Since the calls are an essential aspect of your brand’s identity, the voicemail greeting, on-hold message, and Interactive Voice Responses need to be clear, audible, and pleasant. Our professional and experienced voice-over artist gives you a wide range of voice-overs to choose from to suit your brand or business needs and will help the caller to wait patiently.

11. Video games

today’s technology and internet access have made video games an inseparable part of younger generations. We’ve provided voice-over services for various video games, including strategy games, action-adventure games, sports games, real-time strategy games, multi-player battle games, puzzles, and party games. We can offer different voice-over styles such as animated, aggressive, charismatic, and authentic.

12. Television ad

Your search for a commercial voice-over artist for your next television ad ends here. Television ads are meant to be short but still convey the necessary information about the product. Our voice-over services include commercials across retail, hospitality, entertainment, and many other sectors.

13. Voice assistant

Digital devices enabled with voice assistant programs can listen to the user’s verbal commands and provide the required information. We have the right voice to meet all your requirements related to the voice assistant program.

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