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April 12, 2022 - Music Production

Today’s world is ruled by social media, television, and radio. Due to the competition and immense pressure to impact humanity based on their geographical, emotional, cultural, and economic needs, these media platforms are always on the lookout for something unique to lure the audience. This also requires a pleasant, attractive, and convincing voice to intrigue the target audience and retain their interests for a longer duration. This is where black male actors come into the picture.

We all have our favorite black male actors or characters. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a black male actor, or an African American actor is the distinctive English accent they use. An actor becomes famous, successful, and most sought after by the audience because of his acting skills and dialogue delivery. Imagine an actor with excellent acting skills but fails to do justice to the dialogues. This is where professional African American voice-over artists have proven to be a blessing. Voice actors lend their voices to match the original voice of the actor. Though they are never seen on screen, the voice-over artists play a crucial role in the success or failure of the script. So, we, as the audience, always get to see consistency in our favorite actors or characters’ performances. The audience always relates the voice to the face of an actor. Hence the success of the audio/video projects greatly depends on the skill and versatility of the voice over artists.

Do you ever feel that your best script fails to have the desired effect on the audience or customers? This failure can be attributed to the voice that delivers the script to the audience. Hiring a black voice over actor would guarantee that the right meaning and emotions behind the words are conveyed to the target audience. With the development and expansion of technology, voice-over has been steadily gaining momentum in recent years to connect with the audience. Since both the shooting and recording take place in a noisy environment, the result becomes distorted. Voice-over recording is done post-production in a quiet studio or recording room without any background noise.

Voice-over artists use their skill and experience to modulate their voice to deliver the script with the right pace, rhythm, pitch, consistency, clarity, and vocal range. This helps to stir up the emotions of the audience and captivate their interests for a longer duration. Voice-over services of black male actors are used in a wide variety of commercial and entertainment fields, such as

  1. Animation: Voice-over artists give voice and emotions to every animated visual.
  2. Audiobooks: As the name suggests, there are no visuals to understand facial expressions. Only an experienced and famous black voice-over artist would be able to convey the true emotions in an audiobook.
  3. Automated Dialogue Replacement: Editing original dialogues or improving the existing audio quality by re-recording the audio is done by the black male actors.
  4. Corporate: In the corporate sector, voice-over actors lend their skills to deliver the training programs and modules.
  5. Documentary: Any audio or video program which is completely based only on facts is called a documentary. Since there are no actors in these documentaries, it requires a narrator with a clear and convincing voice.
  6. Education/e learning: Any learning video or audio needs to be explained to the students. Hence experienced black male actors provide the best learning experience.
  7. Movie trailers: Movie trailers help the viewers to decide about their interests in a particular movie. Voice-over artists help in making a positive impact on movie sales.
  8. Online videos: Voice-over artists make online videos extremely exciting because, with the trend of smartphones, these videos can reach millions of viewers in a short time.
  9. Podcast: A podcast is either an audio/ video recording based on a particular theme or topic. The success of the podcast depends on how engaging and interesting the narrator can deliver the script.
  10. Telephone: Commercial voice over artists record messages and greetings for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), on-hold messages, and voicemail.
  11. Video games: Like animation, video games also have dialogues and instructions that are recorded by black voice-over artists.
  12. Television ads: The short yet informative television ads require a voice that is convincing for the consumers. African American voice-over talent has been converting millions of viewers to consumers with their voice skills.
  13. Voice assistant: African American over artists provide the required information according to the verbal commands given by the users of digital devices.

Every script, whether it is an animated movie, an education module, television ads, voice assistant, podcast, and so on, is usually created to target a particular geographical area, language, and accent. For example, a script that depicts a black male character or a male African American character would require a black male voice-over actor. An experienced black male actor already understands the voice requirements of the character in the script and also the expectations of the target audience. This proves to be of great ease and advantage to reach a larger audience.

A black male voice actor will be capable of providing a voice over with the following accents:

Canadian, Caribbean, Caribbean (Jamaican Patois), Italian, North American, Spanish, US African American, US General American (GenAm), US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn), US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta), US West Coast (California, Portland), West African.

The voice characteristics of a male African American and a native American would be different. So, to get the right voice for a black male actor in the script, it would be conducive to hiring a famous black voice-over actor. A famous black male actor with a non-African accent would not be appealing to the audience.

African American English, which is also known as Black English, is spoken differently when compared to standard American English. This requires some training and experience. Hence a famous black male voice-over artist will be able to voice over any of the black male actors or characters with ease. He will also ensure that it gives a very realistic experience to the audience.

The real challenge for a voice-over actor is to be consistent with his voice for a particular actor across different projects. Since a voice-over artist does all the voice recording post-production in a recording studio, he must feel the emotions of the actor. This is extremely challenging because the voice-over artist must imagine the scenario to bring out the right emotions in his voice. Irrespective of the audio or video genre, the audience will always remember their favorite actors or characters for their voices.

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