Online Voice Training Options For Commercial Voice Over Artists

June 17, 2022 - Artist
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Online voice coaching is booming due to the development of technology, increased access to information, and uninterrupted internet connectivity. Commercial voice over artists can connect virtually with any voice coach they like, from any part of the world, through a crystal clear audio and video connection. Voice over artists need not worry about location and distance to receive voice coaching from their favorite voice coaches.

Are the online voice coaching sessions advantageous for voice over artists? How to find the right voice coach to suit your needs? This article advises finding the right voice coach, describes what you can expect from online voice coaching, and compares online and face-to-face coaching.

What is online voice coaching?

Commercial voice over actors can take up online voice coaching in a few different forms. But, the most sought-after methods are live video and tele-training, which offer a natural and optimal voice coaching experience.

Live video voice coaching benefits face-to-face interaction, whereas tele-training can bring 100% focus onto the sound of the voice.

Online coaching for amateur and experienced commercial voice over artists

The foundation of the voice over business depends on two aspects- feedback and interaction. Reading articles, participating in online forums, and watching videos and webinars go a long way in coaching a commercial voice over actor. However, voice coaching is irreplaceable by any of these factors.

Voice coaching is a continuous process for voice over artists at any career stage. Even voice coaches receive regular training. As experienced artists, voice coaching helps them stay up-to-date with the trending styles of voice over. 

One-on-one online voice over training with a voice coach 

One-on-one voice coaching provides tips and tricks to voice over actors that can be applied directly to their situation. A coach considers your voice skill level, equipment, and business knowledge and tailors the online voice training to suit your needs. Online voice lessons are helpful since the coach can direct and record the voice over artist and then playback and adjust their performance.  

Online voice coaching for producing voice over demos 

The voice coaches, irrespective of online or face-to-face voice coaching, typically assist commercial voice over artists in their demo production. As long as the voice coach and the voice over actor are audible and visible, there is no compromise in the voice coaching experience. During online sessions for demo production, the voice coach has to listen to and direct the voice over actor during the voice performance.

How to learn the voice over business through online coaching?

As a commercial voice over artist, knowing how the voice over business works is equally important as honing your voice over skills. Both these aspects need to work parallelly to reach the pinnacle of success in the world of voice over. Online voice coaching can help you understand the business aspect of the voice over career by imparting knowledge on marketing yourself, building referrals, developing good relationships with the clients, and more. 

Some of the voice coaches specialize in coaching the voice over actors to market their voice over services to have a real business with some of the best clients who would repeatedly hire their voice over services. Voice over artists has a wide range of experience and varying levels of voice skill. Even the most experienced voice artists can always benefit from a fresh outlook on their voice over business and marketing plans.

How to hire the right online voice coach for You?

Is it a daunting task for you to find, select, and hire the right online voice coach? Not anymore! Every voice coach has its pros and cons. You know what suits you best. You must be sure about your requirements before looking for an online voice coach. There are several ways you can evaluate a potential voice coach – 

  • Check online reviews before hiring:

    Every voice coach has reviews from their students. Never be hasty while choosing your coach. Be patient and go through as many reviews as possible. These reviews help you decide for or against hiring a particular voice coach.

  • Ask for recommendations and reviews about voice coaches from your network:

    This is where your networking comes in handy. Talk to as many peers and other commercial voice over artists as possible about online voice coaching. Tell your peers about your requirements. It would help them guide you better. Listen to everyone with patience and an open mind. You never know when and where you will find your right voice coach.

  • Research for successful and trademarked online voice coaching programs:

    Only you can decide what suits you best. Do not outsource the research about voice coaches to others. Do it yourself, know the options available in the market, and choose the one that suits you best.

  • Review the portfolio of the voice coach:

    Reviewing the portfolio of the prospective voice coaches helps you eliminate the unsuitable coaches and zero down on the best voice coach for you.

  • Attend an introductory call with the potential voice over:

    Never hesitate to request an audio or video call with the prospective voice coach. This call can help you get a sense of their vocal style.

Always consider the reputation of a particular voice coach. Ensure their voice style, personality, and coaching approach are compatible with yours. The right coach for your peers need not be the right voice coach for you. You will be investing your time and money in the coach. So it is entirely your decision about which voice coach you prefer to hire. Make the best use of the convenience of online coaching. You have the freedom to choose your voice coach from any part of the world.

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