Vocal Qualities of Voice Over Artist Required For Explainer Videos

June 24, 2022 - Artist
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Do you wish to give wings to your dream of becoming a commercial voice over artist? There are a variety of fascinating fields to lend your voice modulating skills. One such field is the explainer video. In this article, you have an overview of the explainer videos, different types of explainer videos, and the vocal qualities required in a voice over artist.

What are explainer videos?

Every company uses short online marketing videos to explain its products or services. These videos are known as explainer videos.

Generally, the explainer videos are on the landing page of the website, the home page, or the product page.

What are the types of explainer videos?

1. Live Action Explainer Videos:

These are non-animated promotional videos explaining your product or service. Live-action explainer videos are best for companies that sell a product or people-oriented service. Since people are naturally drawn to other human faces, having real people in your explainer videos helps create a better emotional connection with the viewers.

2. Live streaming on Social Media:

These are similar to live-action explainer videos. But, because it is live streaming, they are not editable. Live streaming is the raw footage with all the mistakes that shows you have nothing to hide and hence, helps to humanize your brand.  

3. Animated Explainer Videos: 

Animated explainer videos are the most popular type of explainer video. Intangible tech products like software or services use animated explainer videos. Animated explainer videos allow you to experiment with your creativity and can be edited easily or updated to make future adjustments.    

4. Whiteboard Explainer Videos: 

This is an explainer video that uses hand-drawn animation on a whiteboard. Whiteboard explainer videos are one of the cheapest types of explainer videos to create.

Finding the best commercial voice over artist for explainer videos

Your vocal qualities determine the kind of impression you create on your viewers. For example, using an emotional voice in a child-abuse explainer video helps you emphasize and convey the seriousness of the issue.

As a commercial voice over actor, the qualities of your voice in the explainer videos can have a long-lasting impact on the viewers. Forrester Research conducted a study and concluded that watching an online video for one minute is equal to reading 1.8 million written words. The voice of a voice over artist is a powerful tool that helps transcend illiteracy and geography barriers and allows you to reach an equally massive audience. 

Best vocal qualities in commercial voice over actor for explainer videos

  • A conceivable voice:

voice over artist with a credible voice can make your brand message seem realistic to the viewers by narrating every word of the script in a meaningful manner. Even though the video script is slightly weak, a conceivable voice can make your brand appear well-thought-out and credible. Every brand relies on the narrative. Explainer videos showcase new ideas that make it crucial for the voice over actor to be convincing as the viewers are usually unaware of the new products or services. When a voice over artists narrates in a believable voice, it helps to show that it is worth investing in your unique products or services.

  • A friendly voice:

The friendly tone of the commercial voice over artist helps showcase your brand to the viewers in an approachable and caring manner. A voice over actor with a warm and friendly tone is informal but highly expressive and gives a human touch to your explainer videos. More and more brands are adopting this approach because it helps to connect with their viewers on a more personal level. An explainer video with a friendly voice and colorful graphics will attract potential customers to your product or service.

  • A conversational voice:

Commercial voice over actors with a conversational voice avoid using the formal announcer voice making your explainer videos more engaging. They avoid intimidating your audience by conveying your brand message more colloquially. When the voice over artist uses a conversational voice, it helps to invite viewers’ engagement with your brand by raising questions, allowing viewers to join the conversation on social media platforms. Voice over artists with a conversational voice can emphasize the benefits of your product.

  • An authentic-sounding voice:

A commercial voice over artist with an authentic-sounding voice can align with your brand voice. A voice over actor with an authentic voice can clearly express the identity and values of your brand. It gives a better understanding of your overall vision to the viewers.

  • An articulated voice:

The articulate voice of a voice over actor is clear and compelling. The articulate voice helps to explain the overall message of your brand straightforwardly. The voice over artist should pronounce every word carefully while focusing on thoroughly explaining the product or service.

  • A humorous or funny voice:

Commercial voice over actors with a funny voice can connect with your audience in a better way. Using a humorous voice helps to show your brand has a personality. It makes your explainer videos enjoyable for the viewers. It requires a lot of consideration to infuse humour into an explainer video. The voice over artists can make their voices sound humorous by using exaggeration or sarcasm to make viewers chuckle.

Explainer videos are required to be short. But at the same time, it has to convey the desired message of the product or service to the viewers most appealingly and convincingly possible. The best explainer videos are not successful only with the best visuals. But, an attractive voice also plays a crucial role in instantly catching the viewer’s attention. You should ensure that your message in the explainer video leaves a memorable mark on the viewers. You have an array of voice acting options to choose from, and create an explainer video that is engaging and helps convert your viewers to consumers.

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