Ways A Commercial Voice Over Artist Can Influence The Society

June 28, 2022 - Artist
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As a commercial voice over artist, you have the power to influence the audience. Your performances can move the audience to tears, fill them with joy, or make them feel calm or angry. You may deliver your voice through audiobooks, inspirational commercials, a corporate message, or an online course. But, your voice modulating abilities to provoke the interest and curiosity of the audience and inspire them to act upon it is a commendable achievement.

Do you ever wish to use the power of your voice modulating skills to give back a positive influence on society? Commercial voice over actors donates their vocal performance skills to organizations, communities, and individuals. This article gives you an insight into what is needed to give back to society as a voice over artist.

Your voice modulating skills are a boon for the visually impaired:

In 2014 approximately 39 million people worldwide were considered blind, according to the World Health Organization. However, blindness impacts people with dyslexia and visual processing disorders. The service you provide as a commercial voice over actor to organizations that support the visually impaired people in society gives them the gift of access to the world of information and entertainment content. 

Voice over artists can bring life to the characters of the script. It helps the visually impaired people to picture the entire situation and characters depicted, the appearance of the characters, and enjoy the performance that otherwise would have been inaccessible to the part of society that remains in darkness.

Live reading sessions, audiobooks, audio-guided tours, and online education programs are some platforms through which commercial voice over artists can lend their voice modulating skills to serve the visually impaired and create an incredible impact. There is an increasing demand to create video games accessible to visually impaired people, where voice over artists play a crucial role.

Not sure where to start? Some of the professional voice overs actors recommend visiting the central library to enquire about the Books for the Blind program available for the local community. The library can help you connect with the program coordinators. The service of a commercial voice over artist is greatly appreciated since their voice helps to fill the void of entertainment and information in the life of visually impaired citizens. 

First and foremost, you must remember that the motivation to take up projects to serve the visually impaired people should never involve any remuneration. Eventually, in the future, these services will result in paid projects. No doubt you expect to earn some money from your career, but there are ways to balance your career and give back to the people in need.

Provide live reading sessions for children: 

A child’s brain is like a sponge, and what they hear is immediately registered in their brain. Hence, reading out to children is very beneficial to their intellectual development.

Their love for a good story makes them an exceptional audience. Children are very straightforward in their opinion about whether a story is captivating or not. The best gift you can give to children as a commercial voice over artist is live reading sessions. You can instill reading habits in children and make them good listeners with the magical powers of your voice modulation.

Reach out to the children at schools, community groups, libraries, after-school activity programs, orphanages, religious institutions, summer camps, online networks, and more.

Provide your voice acting services for accessibility purposes:

As a commercial voice over artist, you have so much more within the realm of possibilities for accessibility projects. There are unlimited opportunities for voice over actors in the accessibility space. Like the vast world of medical science, people with differing abilities need to access things in ways that suit their requirements. The availability of unlimited content such as blogs, articles, digital streaming, and more constantly increases the demand for professional voice actors.

Lend your voice to narrate for a charity event or organization you believe in:

It is a well-known fact that charity organizations are created and run to serve the underprivileged people of society. But, those charity organizations are constantly struggling to maintain a stable financial state. Such organizations rely entirely on donations to meet their financial needs. It is quite a challenge for these charity organizations to use the whole donation amount for the cause as they depend on advertising and marketing to create awareness about their organization.

As a voice over artist, you have unlimited options to lend your voice acting skills to those noble causes that need support. Some experienced voice over actors suggests lending your vocal performances to the local museum to narrate the descriptions of the items on display or get involved in the local community to build your network with local philanthropists and benefactors. They either can use your voice skills in their current projects or refer you to other philanthropists and benefactors who can benefit from your voice-acting services.

The following charity materials can benefit from your voice over services:

  • Explainer videos
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Documentary-style videos
  • Materials for event marketing 
  • Information booklets or materials
  • Radio advertisements

Every ambitious person desires to be successful in their career. But the success of any profession is measured in terms of financial stability. It is not a given that reaching a stable financial status will get you a sense of fulfillment. On the other hand, when you dedicate a part of your time and efforts of your profession to serve the needy, there is unmeasurable contentment even though it might or might not involve any remuneration. Doing some community service lets you practice your skill and learn about the community you are serving.

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